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Re: Calling Canada is an International Call?
10 Jan 2005 05:57:02 -0800 wrote:

> I am in CA. I have ATT One Rate Plan for my residence phone (not
> cellular phone). I joined this plan because once a ATT representative
> told me that, if I do not have a long distance plan, ATT (as a default
> long distance carrier for my local phone carrier) will charge me $3 or
> so every time I call 800 number.

> So I joined. The rates for calling everywhere in US is 10C/minute.
> Last month I called Canada. Now I got the bill and found out that this
> plan charges Canada call as international call and it is $1.32/minute.

> Is there anything I can do? Before I join, I asked the representative
> about Canada. He told me that Canada call is the same as domestic call.
> But I have no proof for that. And no one want to listen to that.

> Is there any federal regulation about Canada? Is that totally up to
> the phone company to define it as international call or domestic call?

> Thanks,

> qq

You got screwed. Your current rate is way too high. You should not
make any international calls. If you take a look at you will
see that ATT will charge standard (read: really really expensive)
rates for calls that are not "state-to-state". That would be Canada,
the Caribbean islands you can dial with a 1, or any place that you
have to dial 011- to get.

Go to the web sites suggested. Change your carrier. Almost anyone is
cheaper. Many don't even have a monthly charge. Canada is generally
treated differently, but most are fairly inexpensive. After the
change (which is really painless) make sure that you have a lock put
on your account so that AT&T can't "accidently" change it back.

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