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Re: AT&T and CallVantage Put Me Through Hell

Joe Blow (
Sat, 08 Jan 2005 22:42:24 GMT

I agree, anytime you deal with a ported number (LNP) you are increasing
your chances of problems occuring.

I have CallVantage, and the one problem I had was radio station
interference on the line. I could hear a local AM radio station clear
as a bell when I was talking on the phone (or rather, when I was
silent). I fiddled with my home wiring for days looking for shorts or
loose ends. Finally I called AT&T and asked for Inside Wiring to
report the problem. They said it was a "known issue" with my
equipment (Linksys RT41P2). I asked why it wasn't on their webpage
list of known issues. They didn't have a good answer for that.
However, they did provide me with a fix, a simple filter (the kind you
buy for your other lines when you get DSL) works. The noise is now
eliminated and I am happy.

Rick Merrill <> wrote in news:telecom24.6.10@telecom- ...:

> AT&T is a bad example of the left hand not knowing what the right hand
> is doing. Part of the problem is that each department uses a
> different system. Another part of the problem is the "local number
> service" system where someone other than ATT has your local number
> that must be ported to another provider. - RM

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