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Mon, 3 Jan 2005 21:24:43 -0500

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> In article <>, Fred Atkinson
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>> My father lives in Chapin, South Carolina. I recently got his
>> telephone service switched over to Vonage. As Vonage does not have
>> an exchange in Chapin (and since all Chapin exchanges are local to
>> the Columbia, SC area), we got a Columbia, SC number for him to use.

>> Last week, his next door neighbors complained that when they dialed
>> his number they got a recording telling them to dial 'one plus the
>> area code and the number'. I used their telephone to dial his number
>> as seven digits and got the same thing. Vonage's exchange in the
>> Columbia area is 233. The neighbors had a number in the 945
>> exchange.

>> I called Vonage. Turns out that this 945 number is not a Chapin
>> number but something else entirely. I'm trying to figure out why
>> this retired couple has a number that apparently isn't local to the
>> Columbia calling area.

> If Vonage told you that 803-945 is not a Chapin, SC, exchange, then
> Vonage lied to you.

Vonage hasn't yet heard of the site where you can lookup and NPA/NXX and
get it's rate center.

For example, when I first signed up for Vonage they gave me a 401-608-
nnnn number. Problem is that's in a Newport rate center. So people
calling me from next door got charged a toll.

Luckily all that was resolved when my 401-621-nnnn number was ported
to Vonage. That's a Providence rate center number. But the fact that
they didn't issue me a Providence rate center temporary number is
interesting even though I'd entered my billing details and they
clearly put me in the Providence rate center.

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