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4 Jan 2005 08:21:09 -0800 wrote:

> There are many cases where local calling areas cross LATA boundaries,
> so this is generally, in itself, irrelevant. One of the noted
> interstate metropolitan exchanges is Kansas City, Mo.-Kan., which is
> in two LATAs but one local calling area.

Yes, in many places you're allowed to call to the adjacent exchange
across a LATA boundary (regardless of state line or area code
boundary). It gets confusing because some LATAs have multiple area
codes while some area codes have multiple LATAs. Further adding to
the confusion are various local calling plans, some of which provide
wider calling areas.

Someone mentioned rate centers being created. In one part of Verizon
(nee Bell Tel of PA) they've consolidated minor rate centers and
reduced message unit charges. Many calls that for many years used up
message units are now untimed.

Where message units remain (called 'measured service' now, the rate of
7c/unit has been stable for years, and night/weekend discounts

However, there are other boundaries that are strictly toll, such as
between New Jersey and NYC or NJ and Phila.

Would anyone know past and current charging practices for North
American international calls between two adjacent cities (ie US and
Canada or US and Mexico)? Did they charge you the full expensive
international rate for a 5 mile call or give a break?

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