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Re: Apple's iPod Raises Bar For Digital Music Players

Barry Margolin (
Sun, 02 Jan 2005 22:43:46 -0500

In article <>, Gary Novosielski
<> wrote:

> Joseph wrote:

>> Is Pat asleep? Why did this crap get into the digest?

>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: There had been an article by Monty
>> Solomon about Apple iPod and it was intended as a followup to
>> that. PAT]

> Except it wasn't a follow up, it was spam for one of those ponzi prize
> scheme web sites, and not the first time, either.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I generally do not have the time nor
> resources to investigate every web site which is presented here. *If*
> an article comes in with a 'Re: recent previous subject' title which
> was presented here within a day or two prior, I generally accept the
> article for publication. If the same article had shown up without the
> 'Re: previously published article' it would have been scrutinized
> more closely as I always do. This is not 1980 or 1985, the volume of
> mail -- and spam blended with legitimate mail -- is horrendous. So
> now and then I miss one, sorry. What, Mr. Novosielski, would you have
> me to do? Read and personally investigate every followup message?
> After Joseph first wrote with his complaint, I did go back and review
> the message, I doubt I would run it again, as it was, IMO very
> marginal at best. PAT]

As the "free iPod" thing is becoming a well-known scam on the net
(although not yet at the level of the Nigeria scams), I think he was
surprised that you didn't recognize it immediately, with no need to

Myself, I'm less surprised. I get the impression that you don't
participate in many other online forums, and don't read much Usenet
(which is where the iPod messages frequently show up). So if it hasn't
been discussed in TELECOM, you might not be aware of it.

Barry Margolin,
Arlington, MA
*** PLEASE post questions in newsgroups, not directly to me ***

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I do not participate in many other
online forums, and I do not read/write in Usenet (other than now and
then checking the status of c.d.t.) I put out between one and three or
four issues of this Digest daily, and I work on *my* web pages as
needed, which is enough for me to do. As good as spam assassin is at
cleaning out my mailbox (it flags 400-500 pieces daily) another
hundred or so fall into my regular mail and get weeded out by hand.
Lisa Minter 'surfs the net' looking for other items to be used here,
(sort of in the style of Monty Solomon) and she looks after the news
feed thing I subscribe to (and hope to eventually be able to pay for
assuming Google comes through with payment some day. [its still zero/
zero even after the mail arrived today. :( ] I am probably going to
wind up giving all this to Lisa eventually, if my brain disease
continues to deteriorate as it has been for some time now.) Maybe I
will ask her to do more invetigation of messages arring here. PAT]

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