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Re: Long Distance From Next Door

Carl Navarro (
Mon, 03 Jan 2005 09:34:34 GMT

On Sun, 2 Jan 2005 11:19:01 -0500, Fred Atkinson
<> wrote:

> My father lives in Chapin, South Carolina. I recently got his
> telephone service switched over to Vonage. As Vonage does not have an
> exchange in Chapin (and since all Chapin exchanges are local to the
> Columbia, SC area), we got a Columbia, SC number for him to use.

> Last week, his next door neighbors complained that when they dialed
> his number they got a recording telling them to dial 'one plus the
> area code and the number'. I used their telephone to dial his number
> as seven digits and got the same thing. Vonage's exchange in the
> Columbia area is 233. The neighbors had a number in the 945 exchange.

> I called Vonage. Turns out that this 945 number is not a Chapin
> number but something else entirely. I'm trying to figure out why this
> retired couple has a number that apparently isn't local to the
> Columbia calling area.

How odd. It appears that 345,932, and 945 list as the BellSouth
exchanges for Chapin SC.

If EAS agreements are in place, I'd be asking the Telco wha'ts up.

Carl Navarro

> Have been punching around the Internet trying to find out where this
> number is housed. So far, no luck.

> Anybody got any ideas on this weird arrangement?

> My father used to call my Vonage phone from Chapin on his old Bellsouth
> line. My phone is also on Vonage's 233 exchange. He did not have to dial
> long distance to do it.

> Regards,

> Fred

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