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Re: Inauguration Requires Boost In Bandwidth
2 Jan 2005 11:08:10 -0800

Marcus Didius Falco wrote:

> Preparing wireless networks for an event like next month's
> presidential inauguration has become as critical as erecting the
> barricades and ordering the party platters.

This is the same sort of thing the former Bell System would always
do for special events -- install extra cabling, switchgear, etc.

I'm kind of curious as to exactly what all the cellphone talkers will
be saying. Along the parade route nothing much really happens except
at some point the president drives by. Carter and his wife strolled
up holding hands, Nixon was pelted by demonstrators at his first

To me, the most significant inaugural speech was FDR's first time,
when he spoke about his intentions to fight the depression as a
national emergency same as war. FDR had an excellent radio voice and
knew how to use it; this ability was critical to calming the nation's
fears of the time. Hoover actually took unprecedented measures to
fight the depression, including pumping lots of money into the economy
to keep in afloat, but Hoover was a public relations disaster. FDR
was a p/r genius.

Anyway, FDR's speech is well preserved and available on video tapes
and often re-broadcast on TV today. Somehow they managed it to
capture it with the crude sound technology of the day.

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