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Re: Apple's iPod Raises Bar For Digital Music Players
31 Dec 2004 16:45:33 -0800


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Monty Solomon wrote:

> Apple's iPod Raises Bar For Digital Music Players


> Apple Computer's iPod portable digital music player has become the
> gold standard for digital music fans. No other player has been able
> to match its combination of elegant design, small size and high
> capacity.

> But other companies are feverishly working on iPod clones. So, in an
> effort to stay ahead, Apple this week released a totally redesigned
> version of the iPod, which is even thinner and lighter than the
> original version, yet packs in more songs. There are also many other
> new features, including a new desktop dock to hold the iPod.

> Like the prior models, these new iPods will work on Windows PCs in
> addition to Apple's own Macintosh computers. But now, they are
> compatible with many more Windows computers than the old iPods.

> The new iPods also work closely and well with Apple's new online
> music store, the first really good legal music downloading service.
> (See my review of the service.)

> They play the new music-file format Apple uses at its store, but can
> still handle regular MP3 files from any source.

> I've been testing the new iPod for several days, using a wide variety
> of music from different sources. I find it to be even better designed
> and easier to use than the original model. I can still recommend it
> highly, as I did the first version.


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