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Re: Which is the Best Cellphone You Ever Used?

Isaiah Beard (
Fri, 31 Dec 2004 21:41:35 -0500

Joseph wrote:

> Pull out antenna is more of a requirement with CDMA phones rather than
> just "preference."

It's not about whether it's a CDMA phone, it's about what frequencies
the phone is designed for.

If it's a 1900Mhz phone, then a stub antenna actually might be all you
need. If it's a dual band, then often times the antenna is designed
to favor 800Mhz, and a pull out is more desirable.

Steven Fleckenstein wrote:

> In article <>,
> says:

> I have an old Qualcom QCP-820 on VZW. It is kind of bulky by todays
> standards, doesn;t have any of the frills, but when my wife compares
> it to her 4 month old Kyocera or my daughter uses it instead of her
> Motorola V60s they can't believe how much better the audio sounds to
> them compared to their units. It does the basics well and with a pull
> out antenna picks up the signal where others with stubs don't.

Actually, with the QCP-820, the difference isn't the antenna, it's the
codec being used. The 820 uses a 13kbps QCELP vocoder to encode and
decode speech. Current model phones, on the other hand, use an 8kbps
EVRC codec.

Technical talk aside: the basics are that modern cell phones are
designed to squeeze speech into a smaller space, and to make do with
less bandwidth. The result is that your voice doesn't sound as great
coming out the other end, and likewise the people talking to you don't
sound so hot either. Older phones require and make use of of higher
bitrates, and the result is a sound that is far better than any modern
cell phone can produce.

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