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Re: Such Carnage is Hard to Believe!
29 Dec 2004 21:18:13 GMT

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> Meanwhile, the United Nations called on Dubya to do more than the
> stingy pittance he offered. He said he would 'think about it'. Trouble
> is, Dubya has gotten so badly in debt on account of Iraq, he does not
> have a lot of money left over for things like alleviating human misery.

[American tsunami survivor] Faye Wachs said she was impressed by the
efforts of the Thai government and the International Committee for the
Red Cross, but "she was appalled at the treatment they got" from the
U.S. government, her mother said.

At the airport in Bangkok, other governments had set up booths to
greet nationals who had been affected and to help repatriate them, she

That was not the case with the U.S. government, Wachs told her mother.
It took the couple three hours, she said, to find the officials from
the American consulate, who were in the VIP lounge.

Because they had lost all their possessions, including their documen-
tation, they had to have new passports issued.

But the U.S. officials demanded payment to take the passport pictures,
Helen Wachs said.

John Meissen

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well, how did Dubya know they were not
just a couple of 'terrorists' trying to sneak in and use the tsunami
thing as an excuse? Anyway, Dubya has no spare money (right now, or
probably for a few decades at least) to spend on such foolishness.
Every spare nickle has to go to Navy SEALS and Army guys in their
ongoing humane treatment of Iraqi terrorists -- err, prisoners. His
religious war against Islam has many more years to go. PAT]

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