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Re: Such Carnage is Hard to Believe!

David Clayton (
Wed, 29 Dec 2004 17:33:08 +1100

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> I realize what I say next is not a telecom topic; but ... I say it and
> hope you will give it some thought as I have several times today.

> That disturbance of the earth over around s.e. Asia on Sunday has
> certainly taken its toll. AP Network news (in our td-extra section
> on the web site) said as of Tuesday afternoon, USA time, the body
> count was now over *fifty thousand* men, women and children, in
> Sri Lanka and surrounding areas.


This is sort of telecom related, as the areas hardest hit -- like the
west coast of Aceh province of Indonesia where the earthquake hit
hard, as well as the subsequent Tsunamis -- had all of their
telecommunications infrastructure crippled as well.

This means that people just don't know the amount of casualities in
those areas, while the places where the telecommunications
infrastructure was left relatively intact have been providing the
horrifying pictures we have all been seeing in the news.

It looks like over 100,000 may die as a direct result of the event,
many times more will have been injured, and many, many more will have
had their lives impacted.


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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Everytime I turn on the news today, the
count has gone up another five or six thousand. Yesterday it was
forty-some thousand deaths, now this afternoon Yahoo News is saying
75,000, although AP had the figure as 73,000. And the governments
there are instructing the survivors "stack the bodies up in piles
along the street curb, we'll get them disposed of as quickly as we
can." PAT]

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