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Mike Schoenberger (
Tue, 28 Dec 2004 17:00:11 -0500

Mark, Linc or Patrick,

I was unable to find another contact email so I hope that you receive
this and can forward my email to someone who can fix a link on this

If you go to Codes -> Services -> Rocky Mountain Telco it goes to

This is now a porn site for whatever reason!

Michael Schoenberger
Quality Assurance
Cutting Edge Media, Inc
1.800.561.9297 Ext 1119 =20
Fax 717.361.0860

"Exceeding Your Expectations is Our #1 Priority"

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I know Linc Madison reads this Digest
now and then but I do not know that he has any control over that
web site other than possibly dropping it off of any listing he
maintains on his own web site. But there are numerous webmasters of
telecom related sites who read this Digest, and after they ascertain
that the 'change in policy' at that web site was not the work of a
hacker and is, in fact real, they may choose to (a) either remove
it from any links at their own site or (b) contact the webmaster
there if they know who it is and ask what is going on.

My opinion is the webmaster may have failed to pay his 'dues' to the
registrar of .com so his site was put up for sale, just like our
Internet History Org site was, (which Mikka, writing from the
numann mail server in Canada) assured me was perfectly proper. Maybe
-- if this latest instance was a grab by a cybersquatter as my was, he can get a place somewhere in the '.tf'
or '.tc' domain, like I did for the internet history archives. PAT]

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