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Re: What Tandem in Telcom Means?
Sat, 25 Dec 2004 00:53:57 -0800 wrote:

> In the late 1940s I made a call from a coin box in Los Angeles, and
> the operator had to go to rate-and-route to learn which (manual) toll
> tandem to plug into which had trunks toward the destination. L.A. had
> so many outgoing manual toll trunks that they had to be distributed
> among various tandems; as I recall, for my call the operator was
> director to (manual) toll tandem No. 4. which had trunks for the MX
> (multi-switch) routing to the destination.

If you were calling out of the area before DDD came in effect in the
late 1950s, there was always rate-and-route for calls out the LA area,
and probably most areas of the country.

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