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Re: Cromwell vrs. [sic] Sprint Settlement

Steve Sobol (
Wed, 22 Dec 2004 17:55:24 -0800

BobGoudreau@withheld on request wrote:

> Apparently not all of us do. In particular, it has been a few years
> since Kroger has been "by far the largest grocery company in the country".

> Kroger is now a distant second to Wal-Mart's grocery business. See

Point noted -- would it be more accurate to say "largest grocery
company that doesn't operate huge big-box retail superstores?" As far
as I know, Kroger stores are still grocery stores, not Wal-mart style
stores. Our local Ralphs has some miscellaneous supplies -- pharmacy
items, everyday needs like diapers, etc., but if I want to buy my boy
a new bike, or get a 32" television, or I need a new battery for my
car, I'm not going to Ralphs.

Wal*Mart superstores aren't just groceries. Internet & New Media Services,
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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: For groceries, I find that Marvin's
suits me very well, and its right downtown which makes it very conven-
ient to walk to and from. That is, if it was not so cold outside
today. (In the mid-teens all day today and yesterday.) PAT]

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