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Re: Hanging Up On Wireless Spam

Steve Sobol (
Tue, 21 Dec 2004 22:31:09 -0800

T. Sean Weintz wrote:

>> what's next; SPAM deliveried to your TV via your cable box?

> Um, isn't that what commercials are?

This comment demonstrates a basic misunderstanding of what spam
is. Spam is not 'advertising I don't like'. The defining
characteristic of spam is that it is an attempt by the advertiser to
shift advertising costs onto the recipient, and when was the last time
you were forced to pay for someone's television or radio ad? Internet & New Media Services,
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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: That is sort of what happens now on
cable channels. Although the advertiser does not 'force me to pay for
it', they do prevent me from getting a full 24/7 of the shows I might
want to see (if I were a televison watcher.)Presumably, what I pay for
cable is intended to pay the cable operator's costs and make a profit
for him as well. But he wants to double dip by charging the advertiser
to give his messages, and charge *me* for watching them. If that were
not the case, why wouldn't the cable operator program the DVR boxes
they now use to fast-forward past commercials if that is what I wanted
to do? PAT]

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