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Cromwell vrs. Sprint Settlement

TELECOM Digest Editor (
Tue, 21 Dec 2004 19:41:41 EST

Some time ago, I mentioned here that Sprint had decided it was in
their best interest, legally, to settle with customers in the class
action suit "Cromwell vrs. Sprint Communications Company, LP",
Docket number 99-2125-GTV in the United States District Court for
the District of Kansas. I told you how to apply for relief, as a
member of the Class (anyone who used Sprint service during the
1998-1999 time period, but I forgot exactly what the complaint was
about; I suspect it was something to do with their slovenly customer
service). I used their local service (the old United Telephone) during
much of 1999 when living in Junction City, KS).

Well, my 'relief' arrived today in snailmail: a Fifty Dollar prepaid
Sprint phone card. Its like a plastic phone card; the one side of
the card has a large $50 printed on it, the Sprint corporate logo;
and the phrase 'Domestic Long Distance'. The reverse side of the
card had the interesting stuff on it: An 800 number to use to place
calls (800-858-1799); my ten digit card number which begins with
'687' and seven more digits, and the instructions to use it.

"For customer service, call 1-800-981-7012. To place another call,
do not hang up. Press # for 2 seconds. The maximum rate per domestic
minute is 19 cents, **assuming the call is not made from a U.S.
payphone.** An additional charge of $2.85 *per call* applies if
calling from a U.S. phone or the minute rate equivilent, All rates
are subject to change. "

19 cents per minute ???

$2.85 payphone surcharge ???

I dunno, somewhere I read that Sprint was supposed to be so much
cheaper than AT&T ... of course I know this card was *free*, but
still, is the above their 'typical' rates?

"This prepaid card given 'in full settlement' (as of the first time I
use it) expires in thirteen months, on January 31, 2006. "

Patrick Townson

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