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Re: Speaking of Giving up Landline For Cellphone

John Levine (
20 Dec 2004 03:35:51 -0000

In article <> you write:

> Is there any kind of gadget available to interface with a cellphone
> (perhaps via the headset connection) that would allow you to plug your
> cellphone into it when you are at home, and have it provide your own
> little local phone system over your old phone wires so that you could
> use any phone in the house to make a call on the cellphone and have
> all the phones in the house ring when the cellphone rings?

Mike Sandman sells devices that do just that, at (It's on the same page as cell
phone belt pouches.)


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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I have one of those devices from Mike.
Mine is called 'cell socket' and my cellular phone sits right inside
the device. It charges the phone battery, and allows the phone to be
used from any regular phone which plugs in with a modular connector.
I can use it with a 'total com' PBXtra box by plugging the Cell Socket
into one of the 'dial 9' level ports on the PBXtra (which Mike also
offers in his catalog). From any phone, dial 9 and get dialtone from
the cell phone (via cell socket). Or when cell phone (via cell socket)
rings, the phone attached to PBXtra as the default for incoming calls
will ring as well, or a common audible will ring and dialing *7 from
any phone allows it to be answered. I put my Vonage phone in another
port on the PBXtra as well to do the same thing with it, then the
remaining five ports (of the eight ports on PBXtra) allow me to answer
any phone (landline, Vonage or cell phone) from any phone in my
house, or transfer any call to any other extension.

These devices (PBXtra units) are great for people who have a large
house (but a small amount of phone traffic) but want the flexibilty
of all phones at all locations, and they are fully programmable by
the user. For example, I have my one landline phone as dial 9 for
outgoing calls, my Vonage line as dial 8 for outgoing calls, and
my cell phone on the cell socket as dial 7 for outgoing calls. The
common audible tells me when any of them have an incoming call, and
*7 allows me to answer whatever line is ringing. You definitly need
to check Mike Sandman's catalog if you have not recently. Look at . One disadvantage is no caller ID available
on it. PAT]

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