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Rick Merrill (
Sun, 19 Dec 2004 15:35:57 -0500

Lou Jahn wrote:

> I am using VoicePoint and have several questions:

> 1) How do I get my number listed within Verizon's Directory Assistance,
> I think there was a prior post, but could not find it.

Ask your provider: VoIP may not be under any obligation to "list" the
number if it is a new one.

> 2) Every once and awhile - the incoming voice discussions become
> garbled -- or fade off (like early Cell phones) - anyone know why this
> occurs? I have not noticed any thing around that might cause it.

This is still in transition with some VoIP. For example, Call Vantage
(ATT) says it is a problem when certain cell phones call their VoIP
users because of compression algorithms!

> 3) Recently (within the past 10 days) callers tell me that at times my
> speech on my VoIP line sometime sounds as though I have been given a
> shot of Novocain. Could this be a reverse version of item 2?

> Also -- I have tried a second VoIP line to forward my Faxes, but it
> does not work in a consistent fashion. People sending might get 2-3 of
> a 5 page fax through and have to resubmit 2-3 times before I receive a
> full 5 page Fax. So if there any tricks to make Fax operate "okay",
> I'd love to hear them.

Here too, you must talk with your specific VoIP provider.

> Overall ... my judgment of VoicePoint is it has promise, but still
> needs loads of improvement before any LEC selling true landline
> service needs to worry if buyers need an equal level of quality. The
> best part is their clever extra features where I can control them via
> Internet and also getting email notice on calls and
> Voicemail. However, if I call into voicemail for messages, it does not
> let me know when the message arrived.

> If it matters my ISP is Comcast using a Toshiba cable modem and
> Syslink Router/Hub. If I had to grade the service, I guess it would be
> a C+.

> Lou Jahn
> Info Partners Corp.

> [TELCOM Digest Editor's Note: The answer to your first question
> (regards listing in Directory Assistance) is you speak to *your
> carrier*, they are the ones who handle it. They are the 'agents'
> (both for placement and monthly collection of fees) with the
> national DA database which Verizon and the others use. PAT]

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