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Lou Jahn (
Sat, 18 Dec 2004 19:42:30 -0500

I am using VoicePoint and have several questions:

1) How do I get my number listed within Verizon's Directory Assistance,
I think there was a prior post, but could not find it.

2) Every once and awhile - the incoming voice discussions become
garbled -- or fade off (like early Cell phones) - anyone know why this
occurs? I have not noticed any thing around that might cause it.

3) Recently (within the past 10 days) callers tell me that at times my
speech on my VoIP line sometime sounds as though I have been given a
shot of Novocain. Could this be a reverse version of item 2?

Also -- I have tried a second VoIP line to forward my Faxes, but it
does not work in a consistent fashion. People sending might get 2-3 of
a 5 page fax through and have to resubmit 2-3 times before I receive a
full 5 page Fax. So if there any tricks to make Fax operate "okay",
I'd love to hear them.

Overall ... my judgment of VoicePoint is it has promise, but still
needs loads of improvement before any LEC selling true landline
service needs to worry if buyers need an equal level of quality. The
best part is their clever extra features where I can control them via
Internet and also getting email notice on calls and
Voicemail. However, if I call into voicemail for messages, it does not
let me know when the message arrived.

If it matters my ISP is Comcast using a Toshiba cable modem and
Syslink Router/Hub. If I had to grade the service, I guess it would be
a C+.

Lou Jahn
Info Partners Corp.

[TELCOM Digest Editor's Note: The answer to your first question
(regards listing in Directory Assistance) is you speak to *your
carrier*, they are the ones who handle it. They are the 'agents'
(both for placement and monthly collection of fees) with the
national DA database which Verizon and the others use. PAT]

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