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[IP] Copy Protection Easily Defeated With Shift Key

Marcus Didius Falco (
Fri, 17 Dec 2004 21:28:42 -0500

If I recall correctly there was a similar scheme several years ago that
could be defeated in a similar way:

From: "David Farber" < >

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Subject: Copy Protection Easily Defeated With Shift Key
Author: EEkid
Date: 17th December 2004 2:50:43 pm

SonyBMG plans to begin the new year with a batch of freshly pressed
music cds that will feature copy protection technology from First 4
Internet. First 4 Internet's technology encodes the music files with
a heavy encryption that allows standard cd players to playback the
music. There are also additional data files on the CD that further
enhance encryption. All of which is easily bypassed by simply holding
down the shift button when you load the CD into a PC.

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Subject: Re: [IP] Copy Protection Easily Defeated With Shift Ke y
Author: Brett Glass < g>
Date: 17th December 2004 5:40:38 pm


One doesn't even need to hold down the shift key to disable this nasty
DRM if one configures one's Windows system not to "autoplay" CDs when
they are inserted. This is a good idea, since leaving this "feature"
enabled can also cause awkward problems if a CD is left in a drive
when the machine is rebooted.

Instructions on how to disable "autoplay" (They'll vary for different
versions of Windows) are available on hundreds of Web sites; consult
your favorite search engine.

--Brett Glassi

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