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Re: - Airborne Cell-Phone Ban Likely to Remain For Now

Clark W. Griswold, Jr. (
Tue, 14 Dec 2004 21:03:46 -0700

AES/newspost <> wrote:

> I've read news stories in the past about cellphone jammers or blockers
> for use in restaurants, theaters, library reading rooms, etc.

> Anyone have any leads on portable, battery-powered versions?

I share your implied problem with inconsiderate cell users. However,
based on your address, you should know that these devices are illegal
in the US. While the odds of getting caught using them are quite
small, especially if used in a mobile situation (ie, in your pocket),
people have been prosecuted in other countries (a dealer in Scotland &
a church in Mexico).

There are reports of low power devices that emulate a cell base
station, but do not connect to any network. These devices in effect
fool the phone into staying quiet as they do not pass calls in or
out. While the legality of these from a tranmission power point is
possibly in a gray area, I'm sure the FCC could come up with charges
based on interference with a licensed service.

The civil consequences would also be considerable should someone
decide to argue that the device interfered with a health or safety
critical call.

That said, a Google search on "cell jammer" will identify a large
number of companies selling such devices.

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