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Re: Strange Wireless Problem

T. Sean Weintz (
Mon, 13 Dec 2004 14:00:43 -0500

Matt B. wrote:

> Hello all,

> I'm having a strange problem and I hope you can help ... A few
> co-workers are using wireless-enabled laptops. They are able to
> receive e-mail from the POP3 server, but are unable to send. They get
> the error "The server has timed out ... might be server problems,
> etc.." If they plug in to a wired connection, it works fine.
> Everyone is using Outlook 2000 or 2003. It doesn't matter where they
> are using the wireless connection -- at home, at the office, at
> great-grandma Edna's ... it all does the same thing ... and we are at
> a loss! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

> Thanks,

> Matt B.
> e-mail: moc.oohay@02091bttam <--Blocked ... reverse it

Need more details. Considering that POP3 is not used to send mail,
only to retrieve it from the mailbox, there is obviously more to the
equation than what you have stated here.

The problem lies with the SMTP server (the server used to send
mail). it MAY be the same server as the pop3 server, may not be. But
things to consider : #1) if the server is behind a firewall, is port25
(the smtp port) open to users from the wireless network?

#2) DO not plan on being able to send mail via the server from
non-work networks!!!!!!

I cannot stress this enough! If you configure the server to allow
this, then it will be what is known as an "open relay" and will be
noticed by spammers very quickly. They will then proceed to use it to
send spam. And then the anti spam folks will notice this, and will
blacklist your server.

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