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Re: Strange Wireless Problem

Rich Greenberg (
13 Dec 2004 13:36:47 -0500

In article <>, Matt B.
<> wrote:

> Hello all,

> I'm having a strange problem and I hope you can help ... A few
> co-workers are using wireless-enabled laptops. They are able to
> receive e-mail from the POP3 server, but are unable to send. They get
> the error "The server has timed out ... might be server problems,
> etc.." If they plug in to a wired connection, it works fine.
> Everyone is using Outlook 2000 or 2003. It doesn't matter where they
> are using the wireless connection -- at home, at the office, at
> great-grandma Edna's ... it all does the same thing ... and we are at
> a loss! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

This is just a WAG, but the SMTP server may be set up to not accept
incoming wireless connections, or to accept them only on a different
port than the usual 25.

Talk to the security admin at the server site.

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