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Re: Calling Card Needed -- Short Interaction Sequence

Danny Burstein (
Sat, 11 Dec 2004 23:16:07 UTC

In <> NOTvalid@surplus4actors.INFO

> Even OneSuite charges 55 cents from payphone.
> But for that 55 cents you can make multiple successive calls.

Then their billing arrangement is broken. The FCC regs are that the
pay phone operator gets their kickback of (usually about $0.30 [a])
for _each_ call. If you (typically) hit the " * " button on the keypad
to tell your phonecard service to let you make a second call without
having to hangup and redial the whole kit and kaboodle, the FCC regs
treat that one as, yes, a second call, with an additional $0.30.

[a] there was an FCC request for comments about a year ago regarding
raising that number significantly. I glanced around and haven't found
the result. Anyone know? thanks.


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