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Digital PhishNet Launched To Combat Phishing Scams

John Stahl (
Thu, 09 Dec 2004 20:44:27 -0500

The following was reported today in Computerworld email news (see the
whole article with the related link below):

> Digital PhishNet Launched To Combat Phishing Scams

> Several major industry players and law enforcement agencies are
> collaborating in a new effort to respond to the rapidly growing
> phishing problem

Related story at:,4902,98153,00.html?nlid=PM

It is nice that the new web site for PhishNet (link in story)
indicates that a person should report any phishing to their credit
card company and also (through a link on the site) to file a complaint
with the "Internet Crime Complaint Center". But I have read some real
horror stories of what people have to go through to clear up their
credit histories after their names, etc. have been "stolen" (phished)
which makes me think that these corporations and law enforcement
agencies should also make it easier for you to clear up the mess
created as well as try to find the perpetrators of the crime!

John Stahl
Aljon Enterprises
Telecom/Data Consultant

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