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Re: Lingo Voip isn't really cheap

John Levine (
7 Dec 2004 15:18:06 -0000

> LINGO may suck but in my opinion, VERIZON SUCKS WORSE. Any idea why
> Verizon would charge me $68/mth (including taxes) for local service
> when I can get more features from Lingo.

Probably because Lingo only works if you already have a $40/mo
broadband connection. I don't understand why people think that
something they pay for every month is "free".

I have a Vonage phone and like it OK, but I'm under no illusion that
Vonage+broadband is cheaper than POTS.


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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: What you say is true if the only
purpose of your broadband line is to handle the phone. But you use
the internet line for other things do you not? For example, surfing
the web, etc. You cannot allocate the entire broadband cost to
Vonage (or your VOIP carrier). PAT]

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