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Free Month of Vonage + Gmail Invite
7 Dec 2004 14:41:43 -0800

I am a present Vonage customer for 9 months and I have had nothing but
good experience with Vonage. I would be privileged to share my
experience with anyone else who would like to sign up for Vonage +
refer you for one free month of Vonage service and give you a gmail invite
if you don't have a gmail account yet. If you have any questions about
Vonage service, VOIP or simply would like a referral link to signup
for Vonage service and get one free month -- email me at and I'll be happy to assist you.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Vonage is generally a very good company
and quite inexpensive. I had to chat with them today about installing
a new Linksys router and TA. The wait on hold was pretty awful, but
the senior tech I spoke with (finally) told me they are 'almost
constantly' holding training classes for new employees, both technical
and customer service-wise. I think he said at the present time there
were about two hundred new employees in the training classes. So
things may get better. And being located in New Jersey, many of the
old Norvergence people have applied there for jobs. PAT]

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