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Mon, 06 Dec 2004 06:09:34 -0800

My 3-year old FAX machine works fine on my Vonage service.

Lisa Hancock wrote:

> John McHarry <> wrote

>> I believe the issue with FAX over VOIP is that VOIP uses lossy
>> compression that does not treat FAX modulation gently. This tends to
>> be a problem over any compressed link.

> For those who don't know, there are two types of data compression
> techniques. One type preserves 100% of the original data; the other
> "lossy" accepts some loss of accuracy for increased compression
> efficiency. (Others can explain data compression better than I can.)

> I still use dial-up for certain connections, and even if I had VOIP I
> would still need to do so. I wonder if I even could.

> While my arrangement is growing rare these days, using fax machines as
> dial up is not. How do businesses that depend on VOIP use their fax
> machines?

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