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Re: Using a Fax Machine on a Shared Line With Voicemail

Ken (
4 Dec 2004 09:21:08 -0800 (Michael Monteiro) wrote in message

> Problem: I have a fax machine connected to a single, shared voice
> line. As it stands, I cannot receive faxes unless I disable my
> voicemail. I understand that answering machines can be used with fax
> machines on a single line because the fax listens when a call is
> answered by an answering machine and then takes over if the call is a
> fax transmission. However, this does not work with voicemail. My
> provider does not support distinctive ring. Do I have any other
> options aside from disabling my voicemail or getting a second line for
> my fax? I could get an answering machine, but I'd rather not go that
> route. I'd rather keep my voicemail.

> btw, my provider is Vonage - VoIP.

SIMPLE SOLUTION: Since you receive Caller ID information
( your
service provider, you can install our FAXFIREWALL
( which will serve a number of
purposes. First and foremost, it will prevent you from receiving junk
faxes ( and, by using a
Remote ( you can segregate your
voice from fax calls by directing your welcome fax broadcasters (and
not junk fax broadcasters) directly to your fax device, without
ringing your voice phone. With these devices connected, you should set
your fax device, whether it be a fax machine or fax modem, to the
lowest number of rings to answer.

Secondarily, you will be able to block ALL unwanted calls from ringing
your phone by either blocking those you don't want, or by building a
list of 'Invited' callers.

You will be able to do all of this without any additional services or
monthly charges from your telephone service provider, and without
having to pay for a dedicated phone line or distinctive ring service,
just to receive faxes.

The big bonus here, is that you will no longer be bothered by
telemarketers, misdialed numbers, pollsters, and other annoying calls
while you accomplish your goals and save money every month.

If you have any questions or need further information, please visit us
at or call our customer service
department 9AM-5PM PST, M-F.

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