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Re: Dropping SBC For a VoIP Solution -- Vonage or Packet8 ??

Tony P. (
Fri, 3 Dec 2004 17:43:43 -0500

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>>> Ringo,

>>> I am looking forward to your review. I recently went through a similar
>>> VOIP company comparison and I settled on Sunrocket. They are a new
>>> company, but so far I have had a good experience. I tried them out
>>> because it seemed pretty risk free -- no sign up, activation, or
>>> cancellation charges. I hope you have a good experience. I think
>>> VOIP is going to get pretty big over the next year.

>> Hi everyone,

>> Well last night the Packet8 router (or whatever it is) arrived, and in
>> about 10 minutes it was activated and I had a dialtone. The first
>> thing I did was run a speedtest on, and I was sitting
>> at around 2.4Mbps down and 350Kbps up (nothing else on network
>> active), which is about normal for me.

>> I made my first call to my landline (SBC), and the first thing I
>> noticed was the delay. It was generally less then 1/2 a second, but
>> it's enough where two people will step on one another while talking.
>> I called the Packet8 tech support, and they said there generally is
>> some delay, but it's should be no more then 50-100ms, which is hardly
>> noticeable. Mine was more like 1/4-1/2 second delay. This doesn't
>> sound like a biggie, but it breaks-up the casual flow of conversation.

>> I then started firing-off some of my other applications, like iTunes
>> (stream is 128K), Azureus (limited to 5K upload and 1500K download),
>> email, and all my other web-based apps I usually run. With all this
>> running I did another speed test, and I was down to about 1.1 Mbps
>> down and 300Kbps up, which is still well within the 20Kbps or so
>> required by Packet8.

>> The sound quality is excellent, and caller ID, voicemail, and
>> everything thus far works great. I even updated the firmware in the
>> router, but the delay is still there. If anything is the killer it'll
>> be the delay -- but I'll give it a full try for the next few weeks.

>> I didn't sign any contract or anything, but it's free for the first
>> month if I don't like it and send it back -- given I don't go over 300
>> minutes. The reasons I want to drop SBC is mainly because I'm paying
>> $37/month and most VoIP services are closer to $20-$25/month. Plus my
>> SBC line likes to quit working when it rains, and though I've told SBC
>> exactly where the problem is they still haven't fixed it.

>> Bottom line, the delay is annoying, but outside of that the service
>> works great. I'll post another review later after I use it for a week
>> or so.

>> Ringo

> Hi all,

> I have tried another feature offered by Packet8 that is rather bad ...
> They have the option to forward calls to another number if you're not
> at home, and in testing I forwarded calls to my work phone. From
> another phone in my office I called home and in about 3 rings my
> office line rang.

> Well, once I picked it up the delay was literally 2-3 seconds. I'm
> thinking the call goes from ma bell to Packet8 to the VoIP router at
> home then back to Packet8 then back to ma bell -- which creates a
> MAJOR delay. It's literally not worth using with such a delay.

> Once again other then the delays the service is great. And I know
> it's not my broadband because again during the test I had 300Kbps up
> and 1.5Mbps down according to DSL Reports.

Heh -- I called my Vonage number from my Verizon phone - there's about
a half second or so delay. So really no worse than if I'd used two
Vonage or two Verizon lines.

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