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Re: Lingo Voip SUCKS!

Rick Merrill (
Thu, 02 Dec 2004 17:43:11 GMT

Garth Nospam wrote:


> I had two lines that I needed ported over to their service ... They
> strung me along for over the 30 day trial saying that they were
> working on it. Then they say Verizon is blocking access to the
> lines.

"Blocking" was the wrong word. If you look a matrix of all phone
companies' numbers that are converted to another phone companies' system
there is a complex number of dates at which the conversion (i.e. number
portability) will begin.

> I call Verizon they say that they would be happy to transfer
> my numbers and there is no blocking going on. I call Lingo back and
> they say they can't transfer my numbers due to technical limitations
> on their end! Then they charge me a $40 cancellation FEE!!
> Bastards! And they have no managers to talk with or even a mailing
> address! What crap.

Keep at 'em until they cough up a refund or a credit or ! a phone.

> Also beware if you want to hook up a fax machine to their Voip box it
> has to be one that they support.

That's a good caution: Does anyone know more about FAX vs. VOIP?

> Evil bastards Lingo needs to shape
> up get better customer service and maybe they will be worth it!

Keep hoping!

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