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Re: Trial Shows How Spammers Operate

Ed Clarke (
1 Dec 2004 23:12:35 GMT

In article <>, T Sean Weintz wrote:

> Scott Dorsey wrote:

>> Right, these addresses are not in the same space, and they have
>> different rDNS. Otherwise, DNSBLs which listed all dynamic space
>> would be listing them as well.

> Um, they ARE in the same space, and most DNSBLs that claim to list
> Comcast dynamic space DO list them, much to my frustration.

>> Part of the problem is that ISPs don't use any uniform naming system
>> for addresses, so it can sometimes be a real adventure to figure out
>> what a given address is until you figure out their naming scheme. And
>> there are some out there that don't set any rDNS at all, too.

As I recall, the lists of dynamic access space are provided by the ISP
involved, not guessed at by someone else. If Comcast has provided
these addresses to the list, then it's Comcast's problem/fault.

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