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Cisco PGW-2200 SS7 Solution (www.doretel.

Shane Breen (
2 Dec 2004 13:34:23 -0800

DORETEL Communications, Inc. has the following Cisco PGW-2200 SS7
Solution to sell:

We can design, install and maintain your SS7 Solution here is some
info that will help you better understand why and what the Cisco
PGW-2200 can do for your company.

The PGW 2200 is an essential component of a service provider''s
strategy for migrating to emerging packet voice technologies. The
Cisco PGW 2200 provides seamless interoperability between existing
time-division multiplexing (TDM) switches and new packet networks,
allowing providers to transition to more cost-effective and flexible
services even while these new technologies continue to evolve. This
seamless interoperability is achieved by introducing the power and
dependability of SS7/C7 signaling for interconnect with the packet
voice networks.

The Cisco PGW 2200 allows providers to interconnect to the PSTN with
more cost-effective intermachine trunks (IMT) and SS7 links. The Cisco
PGW 2200 brings SS7/C7 signaling that provides significant
infrastructure cost savings and time-to-market benefits over those
using Primary Rate Interfaces (PRIs) or channel associated signaling
(CAS) signaling. This creates an environment that improves a
provider''s competitiveness and reduces operational costs.

The Cisco PGW 2200, deployed with a voice gateway, also allows
providers to deploy new revenue-generating services, such as PSTN
access for business and residential packet voice applications. A
provider also can sell hosted business services to a number of
customers, gaining from economies of scale. All of these applications
require a platform that bridges the old-world TDM networks with new
world IP-based networks.

In addition to operational cost savings and new services, the Cisco
PGW 2200 provides a lower first port cost. The distributed nature of
Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions allows service providers to deploy a
single PGW 2200 and a small number of gateways, and expand as the
demand grows. This flexible configuration of the PGW 2200 solutions is
a key component of a service provider''s portfolio. It allows them to
capitalize on market fluctuations by providing a cost-effective and
rapid deployment vehicle.

For more info please visit

We are a Cisco Partner.

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