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Re: Fuses on Telephone Pole

Fred (
1 Dec 2004 11:27:47 -0800

Ned Protter <> wrote in message

> On the utility pole across the street is a box, about 20 x 8 x 1.5".
> A telephone cable goes in and phone lines for the houses in the
> neighborhood come out.

> Six years ago I lost my telephone service when lightning struck. The
> phone man climbed to the box and replaced a fuse (or two).

> Has anybody else heard of those fuses? What is the box called? Where
> can I learn more?

That sounds like what is referred to as an outside plant terminal,
probably a FC-25 or FC 50, if made by Northern Electric. It may or
may not have had lightning protection, depending where you are
located. More times than not, the lightning protection is at the
entrance point to a residence or building, in what is referred to as a
Protected Entrance Terminal (PET) or through "carbon protectors" in a
small residential dmarc point. Any major telecom company will usually
have an Outside Plant department or engineering group that designs and
specifies these things.

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