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Spam Gets Religion

Patrick Townson (
Wed, 1 Dec 2004 08:52:05 PST

By Dan Ilett

E-mail recipients are increasingly being offered religious salvation
through bulk, unsolicited e-mail.

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You may want to check this out. It
seems the spam detection things are having a problem with religious
mailing lists (validly ordered by netizens who wish to receive that
sort of thing such as literature on line from Catholic publishers) and
the scam things sent out by the person who wonders if they can
interest you in helping them by taking a few million dollars off their
hands to be used to assist 'christian good works' with charities as
'her late husband directed in his will', and some legitimate charities
of a religious nature. The spam detection things are dumping it all,
it seems; good, legitimate, bad, scam, whatever.

Oh, and now just today I received a new twist on the 'please take this
money off my hands' scam. The scammer/spammers are taking the
legitimate email addresses of the **military guys** in Iraq and using
them (the legitimate, but ill-gotten email addresses) to tell you how
they have come across lots of money in Iraq (either buried in the
rubble of one of the war sites or wherever) and can you help them by
holding the money until they return to the USA, 'if I get back alive;
if not *you* distribute the money for me.'

Evil, evil, evil! If DDOS works to put these fools out of business,
I say go for it. What the hell, email on the net has become mostly
useless in the last few months anyway. PAT]

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