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Re: Can't Find Linksys IP

John R. Levine (
30 Nov 2004 21:06:48 -0500

>> I am using Vonage at home. My Linksys wireless router is=0D
>> connected to Vonage unit and the Vonage unit is connected to=0D
>> the incoming cable modem. I have not logged into the wireless=0D
>> router in a while, now I forgot it's IP address, how do I find it?

I had to corral a recalcitrant Linksys access point the other day,
which I did by downloading and running the otherwise not very useful
Windows setup program that Linksys provides. It uses some sort of
undocumented broadcast scheme to find the Linksys box regardless of
its IP address.

On the other hand, if your router is doing NAT, as they all do, I
would be amazed if it put itself anywhere other than 192,168.0.1 or Failing that, another straightforward way to find it is
to open the status window for the wireless connection on one of the
client machines and see what address is listed as the gateway. On
recent version of Windows, open the wireless from the network
connection window, click on the Support tab and take a look.
Whatever's listed for the gateway is the router.

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