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Re: Audix Later Delivery

Pete Romfh (
Tue, 30 Nov 2004 22:29:36 -0600

Tom Niesen wrote:

> Hello,

> I'm a part-time telecommunications administrator for a
> private college. My job includes switch and audix
> administration. My problem is this; For years we've had
> occasional complaints of late delivery of Audix messages.
> Sometimes a few days late, sometimes a few hours. It's
> hit and miss. On occasion, changing out the phone seems
> to fix the problem, other times it's switching ports that
> works out. I have a faculty member that is having an
> ongoing problem with late Audix delivery and none of the
> above has solved his issue.

> I did an archive search of the subject on Google but
> can't find too much written about it. Any suggestions?

> Tom Niesen

Frequently the late delivery in Audix is due to the recipient's
mailbox being full. You can display activity on the sender's and
recipients mailboxes to see when it left the one and arrived in the
other. Then do a List Measurements Subscriber Month and compare the
maximum space used to the mailbox size. If the mailbox is full you can
give them a larger mailbox, or check their mesage retention time and
see if they are squirreling away messages. I had a user today who was
complaining she wasn't getting messages. When I looked she had 385 old
messages stored in her mailbox. She didn't know how to delete a
message so she was just hitting # after every message to go to the
next one. I educated the user and cleaned out her stored messages and
she's fine now.

Pete Romfh, Telecom Geek & Amateur Gourmet.
promfh at hal dash pc dot org

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