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Re: A Burglary Foiled by Calls That Didn't Reach 911

Shlichter1 (
30 Nov 2004 01:02:55 GMT

Tony P wrote:

>> This is interesting. Verizon says there is all sorts of security yet
>> there isn't any.

I don't know about the old Bell Atlantic offices, but the Former GTE
offices in California, Oregan, and Washington State have alarms, audio
and video monitoring in them. They in the most part have electronic
slider cards that are registered to the using company or CLEC
employee. You most also turn the alarm off using a code, there are
several different alarm codes that will further ID the person entering
the building. Also most have separate doors for the Caged areas.
When entering you may also have to contact the NOC or they may respond
with Law Enforcement.

As to the price of the cards, in 1999 Sprint in Las Veges had cards
worth $20,000 each taken at gun point from one of their offices.

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