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Re: Dropping SBC For a VoIP Solution -- Vonage or Packet8 ??

Ringo Langly (
28 Nov 2004 12:47:56 -0800 (charlie3) wrote in message

> I dropped my SBC home phone for Vonage last spring. I'm satisfied. I
> tested Vonage before dropping the SBC phone and waited until I had a
> cell phone that worked at home for backup (Verizon). There were a few
> hiccups and things to sort out but the service is a routine part of
> life now.

> Vonage lets me set things up to ring the cell and home phones
> simultaneously so either phone can be used to take a call. No one
> needs the cell phone number or even needs to know I have a cell phone.
> If my broad band connection goes down Vonage automatically forwards to
> the cell phone. The cell and vonage services are a powerful
> combination for me.

> Charlie

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the review! I too like Vonage over Packet8, but Vonage
isn't in my local area yet. I thought about going ahead with Vonage
and getting a number from a nearby town (closest is about 30 miles
away), but long distance is still long distance for friends and family
in town. If Packet8 doesn't suit my needs I might still drop them and
go with Vonage anyway because I do like the perks Vonage has over

I'll know tomorrow as that's when the Packet8 device is set to arrive.
After that I'll post some reviews on how well it works.

Thanks and take care,


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