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Re: Trial Shows How Spammers Operate

Steve Sobol (
Sat, 27 Nov 2004 11:08:37 -0800

jdj wrote:

> Looks like Lycos has got the idea:

Riiiiight. Except it won't work, and DDoS'ing the site isn't cool
regardless of what kind of site it is.

But who cares that this "solution" would cost ISPs a ton in increased
bandwidth costs?

Feh! Screw the ISPs, we don't need 'em anyhow, right?

Whatever happened to "don't fight abuse with abuse"?

Lycos executives and the project managers in charge of this crap ought
to be kicked in the head for even coming up with, let alone approving
and proceeding with, this idea.

> Looks like spammers will now be the ones going on the defensive
> instead of the other way round.

> This is going to get interesting ...

Only until the ISPs blackhole or nullroute the IP addresses of the
sites involved. They'll have to. You do realize that when you are
talking about transit between Internet providers, there is no such
thing as flat-rate, right? It's all paid for based on how much
traffic is transferred ...

> The Register reports that Lycos Europe is distributing a screensaver
> that is intended to drive traffic on a verified spam site up to very
> expensive levels:

Oh, and not only that, what happens the first time spam is sent out
advertising a website that someone wants to get in trouble? It's
happened before. Internet & New Media Services,
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