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Lisa Hancock (
24 Nov 2004 11:51:06 -0800 (Thomas A. Horsley) wrote

> The most fascinating aspect of TV advertising is to listen to TV
> executives telling their advertisers how effective TV ads are at
> influencing viewers one day, then see them in a Senate hearing the
> next day saying that violence on TV doesn't have any effect at all on
> viewers who are far too smart to confuse fiction and reality.

> I wish they would at least make up their minds about how influential
> TV really is :-).

Good point.

Before there was TV Congress was criticizing the motion picture
industry in the 1930s, especially on gangster pictures and other
violence. One result was the motion picture code which among other
things required the bad guys always get what's coming to them. TCM
recently showed a movie made before that code and the host explained
how the central character, who had killed someone, was able to escape
without being caught because the movie was pre-code.

FWIW, on this day way back Congress was working over the "Hollywood
Ten" for being Communists. A very good book "Reds" by Ted Morgan
discusses what went on in detail -- the abuses made by the government
_as well as_ the fact those people were in fact active communists
under party control.

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