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Re: Sears and K-Mart

Lisa Hancock (
24 Nov 2004 11:46:34 -0800

Steve Sobol <> wrote:

> Verizon has a large operation here in the Victor Valley. Aside from
> the five or six COs they have within fifteen mintues of each other,
> they have a Verizon Plus retail store and a call center operation... The
> Victorville CO on Mojave Drive is much larger than you'd normally
> expect a CO to be, and since there are a large number of company
> trucks, etc., in its parking lot, I assume it's some sort of regional
> service center. ... So it makes sense to have a human presence here ...

Verizon (Bell of PA) has a large suburban building just like you
describe. Indeed, it once held a business office. So it's reasonable
to ask why it isn't open to public walk-ins.

I don't know their reasonings, but my guess is as follows:

1) Security: It is in a blue collar neighborhood that while not the
worst, it is not the best either. The cable company does have a
public office, but it is very tiny and basially only a thick security
window through which to transact business. I think both utilities are
justifiably concerned about a patron being dangerous.

2) Consistency: I suspect Verizon chose to go to a region-wide policy
of no visitors for operating consistency, important when training and
supporting a large group of employees.

3) Cost: It may be cheaper to have contracted official payment agents
rather than have company employees do it. Some such agents charge a
fee to the payer. Years ago many people did not have checking
accounts and needed this, today more people have such accounts (though
not all.)

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