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Re: Dropping SBC For a VoIP Solution -- Vonage or Packet8 ??

Ringo Langly (
24 Nov 2004 06:25:24 -0800

John McHarry <> wrote in message

> I have Packet8 because I could not get a local Vonage number, and they
> are a bit less expensive. It is good enough for me, although not quite
> landline quality. It is probably slightly better than cellular, but
> there is noticeable delay and degradation when talking to a cell
> phone, probably due to the double compression.

> I made one international call to Germany, which didn't last long
> enough to get a good notion of the quality, but the return call seemed
> to sound better, so I wonder about the quality of the transatlantic
> link.

> Soon after you get it you probably want to upgrade the firmware in the
> interface box. It is painless, and there are fixes and features that
> were not in the firmware as shipped. That may no longer be the case,
> but it doesn't hurt to make sure.

Hi John,

I did order the Packet8 box on Monday, and with any luck it'll be in
by Friday so I can play with it this weekend. They have the 30-day
trial, so if it's not what I expect I'll send it back -- but I'm eager
to check it out.

I would've rather used Vonage, but like you Vonage isn't in my area
yet. I'll post some reviews and notes about it when I get it. Also
thanks for the firmware upgrade suggestion... does it have
instructions on how to do this?

Thanks and take care,


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