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Re: Anyone Having any Luck With Google Ads?

Gary Breuckman (
Tue, 23 Nov 2004 11:05:24 -0600

Jeffrey Mattox wrote:

> Pat:

> [Please withhold my email address if you publish this.]

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I have not had very good luck with them
> to date. They seem to undercount hits to my various pages (based on my
> examination of my logs) and some days they cannot come up with any
> good ads at all. According to their figures, I am getting about 1.2 %
> rate of impressions to clicks, but most people seem to get a lot
> more. PAT]

> I bet Google's hit count is more accurate regarding readership than
> examining your logs. Although your logs are correct for pages served,
> you cannot assume that every serve is to a human being. For example,
> any spider or robot looking at your pages will appear as a hit in your
> logs, but that robot will not trigger Google's hit counter because the
> robot won't go to Google's site to fetch the ads.

Depending on your web host, you can turn on something called 'referrer
logs.' The referrer logs show WHERE the link to your page came from,
and in the case of search engines often show the search keys that were
used to find you. I often find it amusing to see what people used to
find my pages.

Knowing what keywords people actually used can help you put together
the meta keyword and description tags in your pages, to make you even
more findable. ie., if they put in 5 keywords and your tags only have
two of them, maybe you should include the others for folks that only
used THOSE.

I also sometimes find other pages that have links to me that I didn't
know about.

-- Gary Breuckman

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