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Re: SBC Wants its Cut of VoIP Revenue

Lisa Hancock (
22 Nov 2004 10:04:11 -0800

Adam <> wrote

> How can we fight to prevent S.B.C from reaching its greedy claws into
> the VoIP treasure chest?

Well, as I understand it, VOIP was just ordered by the FCC to be
deregulated. So they have to make do in the marketplace. If fees
charged by their vendors are too high, they may find another vendor
(like cable companies who offer VOIP) or build their own networks,
just like the cable companies were able to do.

I think it's wrong when the new carriers want to be deregulated when
it suits them, but be a "public utility" when it suits them. They
can't have it both ways. The VOIP escaped the regulatory burdens the
traditional land line carriers have to put up with, which is a major
financial benefit to them.

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