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Re: iPhone. I Really Want to Like it and Get it But ... Quick Analysis
Mon, 02 Jul 2007 18:28:26 -0700

On Jul 1, 5:24 pm, wrote:

> I am sure everyone knows the below. Like to see if others feel the
> same way or perhaps correct some issues or errors in my comments on
> iPhone

> -Hard to type without hitting wrong keys. Will take
> practice. I doubt you could be a fast typer.

> -Must press hard on screen at times.

> -No multitasking in apps that I saw. You use one at a time. I do not
> think you could download a YouTube video (dumb example) while browsing
> the Internet or using the calculator. But then again I had limited
> time to play with the phone. However of course if a call comes in,
> then you can answer the call.

> -Internet Web browser via Edge network very very slow which would turn
> me off immediately. Perhaps next version will use HSPDA network like
> Cingular 8525 at 1/2 the price.

> -Data Plan is $20 on top of voice plan regardless of what the ads
> say. More than $20 if you are a big text message person (more than
> 200/month)

> -No dialing by voice but perhaps it might work if you have Bluetooth
> set. You can get voice dialing if you use their network to store your
> phone numbers and then pay and extra $5 a month. Comments???

> -As you all know, you cannot get insurance on the phone from ATT.

> Still pretty cool.

> Sincerely

> Patty

This has the best source of raw info. Did not check accuracy.


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