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Re: "Vibranxiety" Afflicts Many Cellphone Users

Rick Merrill (
Thu, 21 Jun 2007 09:26:40 -0400

John Mayson wrote:


> "Ever think your cell phone was vibrating and reach into your pocket
> to answer it only to find it wasn't vibrating at all? You're not alone
> according to a report in USA Today. The story examines the phenomenon
> of phantom cell phone vibration and posits explanations ranging from
> behavioral (your phone has trained you to be on alert for vibrations)
> to neurological (your brain becomes wired to sensations you experience
> regularly). Whatever the answer may be, it's better than "You're
> nuts.""

> [JCM - I used to work around high voltage. I had both hands inside a
> high-power power-supply when my pager went off. It was set to
> vibrate. I literally threw my tools across the lab thinking I had
> been shocked. The rest of my days in that lab, I had my pager set to
> audible.]

> John Mayson <>
> Austin, Texas, USA

JCM, great story! thanks for sharing it.

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