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Re: Cingular - AT&T ?

Ken Abrams (harvest_this@scum.suckers)
Thu, 10 May 2007 21:47:16 GMT

"Mike Z" <> wrote:

> True. SBC bought out what remained of AT&T, which is mostly the old
> AT&T Long Lines, in late 2005, and then changed the name of everything
> to "lowercase" at&t.

Oh just stop it, please. This is how a wild ASSumption becomes urban

They did NOT change the name of ANYTHING to "lowercase" at&t. For
some unknown reason (no doubt a marketing committee), they elected to
have it APPEAR that way in the logo. That's it; logo only. The name
of the company is AT&T Inc.

Check their Annual Report, Press Releases or any other company document you
can get your hands on ... check the stock symbol (T). Just like, at the
end, SBC no longer "stood for" Southwestern Bell Company; it was just SBC
Inc. The new AT&T is just AT&T. It is not an abbreviation like the
original was ......... and it is not LOWERCASE.

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