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Re: Why I Am Not Switching to Verizon
3 May 2007 21:32:43 GMT

In article <>, zalek
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> I am pissed off with my current ISP -- Time Warner Road Runner -- they
> cut back on technicians and now I have to wait one week for
> appointment. I checked with Verizon DSL -- they they established new
> policy that email address must be alphanumeric.

What's so unusual about that? I'd have to go look for the RFC to be
sure, but I thought the alphanumeric requirement was part of the

You're going to have a difficult time receiving email if your address
includes non-alphanumeric characters.

> I can understand that in every company can sit very powerful idiot
> that cannot comprehend that email address is very personal and
> people/companies want very specific name -- but it is a disgrace that
> in Verizon there is no even one smart person that could explain to
> this powerful idiot the meaning of email address.

It's more likely related to the situation where "all the good ones are
already taken" (something akin to natural law back in the days of
trying to come up with a good name for a computer on the old UUCP

> Anyway -- what other options with decent ISP we have in NYC? Any
> recommendations?

If you want a vanity email address get your own domain. For as little
as $7/yr you can have any email address you want at any domain you can
think of (except all the good ones are taken ...). Most registrars
will do mail forwarding if you need it. I personally use GoDaddy for
all of my domain needs, but there a many of them out there.

John Meissen

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