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Sam Spade (
Sat, 21 Apr 2007 18:06:10 -0700 wrote:

> What is also troubling is that the moment someone questions whether a
> group like this is acting properly, the person is accussed of being in
> favor of perverts. Not different than the commie witchhunts of the
> 1950s, anyone who questioned McCarthy & Co became one of the bad guys.

> I am not in favor of the perverts. But I don't want innocent people
> caught up and blamed for something they didn't do. Given the intense
> emotions associated with this issue, I'm afraid that could happen.

"Pervert" is too broad. I have every right to be a pervert so long as I
don't prey on minors or cause harm to anyone in a legal sense.

These self-appointment cops are really after gays and pornography in

Think of the person who has a cache of adult, but "perverted,"
porngraphy on his computer, and who gets set up by these "cops." This
hapeless chap has his home ripped up, computer destroyed, arrested,
spends a couple of days in jail, then no charges are brought.

Not a lot different than Nazi Germany.

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